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Imagine what you can learn about life from someone who has investigated thousands of deaths.

It’s not every day that people have the opportunity to hear a veteran forensic death investigator share the valuable lessons she has learned about life. After spending nearly two decades investigating thousands of unexpected and violent deaths, Sue now shares the insights she gleaned from those who have paid the ultimate price of disrespect and incivility.

As a Keynote Speaker, Sue‘s personality, passion, energy and expertise has been captivating audiences for years. As a Professionalism, Civility, and Confidence Consultant, Sue helps individuals and companies face and deal with their biggest personal and corporate challenges head-on. And as the author of the book What The Fork? An Unpretentious Guide to Formal Dining for Informal People, Sue treats readers to practical, contemporary dining tips in a deliciously entertaining way.

“Some things never go out of style. Things like confidence and professionalism. Qualities like diplomacy, respect, and civility. Characteristics like style, integrity, and kindness. In a word, grace.”
~ Sue Jacques



Providing Elegant Solutions
for Life’s Awkward Situations

With over 18 years of experience as a keynote speaker, Sue inspires enthusiasm for change as she helps audience members gain confidence, develop relationships, create courteous cultures, and earn respect.

Sue’s expertise and refreshingly open-minded approach to professionalism, civility, and grace make her a sought after keynote speaker. Sue speaks on topics ranging from the life lessons she learned during her career as a death investigator to executive etiquette strategies and the positive effects respect, civility, and professionalism bring to the workplace…and to the bottom line.

Below are Sue’s most requested keynotes

Life Lessons from a Death Investigator

Nothing is off limits in this frank and inspirational keynote. Audiences will be moved to take personal responsibility for the degree of respect in their own lives …. before it’s too late.


Are you at your wit’s end with the unprofessionalism where you work? Participants will learn 8 straightforward strategies in this educational, interactive and energizing keynote.


Social events are challenging for many people. In this keynote, Sue shares practical strategies that help business people socialize, network, and connect with confidence and poise.

What The

Having confidence at the dining room table is as important as having confidence at the boardroom table. This unique experiential keynote helps executives learn useful and valuable dining skills.



When in doubt, choose kindness.

Sue shares insights gained on her journey from corpses to carpe diem. Read life lessons from Speaker, Professionalism Consultant, Author, and former Death Investigator, Sue Jacques.



Sue helps people unveil their genuine selves.

Whether you want to get along better with others, enhance your level of professionalism, update your appearance, climb the corporate ladder, communicate more clearly, socialize with ease, or learn about formal dining, Sue will tailor a program that is suitable for you, your leadership team, or your employees.

Discretion is Sue’s forte, and she invites you to contact her directly to discuss these exclusive services in detail.



An unpretentious guide to formal dining for
informal people

People can’t get enough of Sue Jacques’ popular book about formal dining skills, What The Fork? 

In this fun, entertaining, and educational book, Sue helps readers gain confidence at the dining room table. Whether hosting a business meal, attending a banquet, or about to meet  future in-laws for the first time at a dinner party, What The Fork? helps people handle any dining situation with confidence and grace.

“This is one of the most easy to read and comprehensive guides that covers such a sophisticated topic as formal dining. Sue Jacques is an incredibly inspirational woman who feels the pulse of the modern business world and gives advice that is really easy to integrate into any situation, from a private dinner to a formal black tie event.”
~ V. Zhuk (via Amazon)

Purchase copies for yourself, your executive team, or your friends.



Sue Jacques is a professionalism and civility expert, keynote speaker, author, and former death investigator who helps individuals & businesses gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism.

Sue would love to hear from you! Please call her directly or connect using the contact form below.

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P.S. Sue's surname is pronounced JAKES - rhymes with cakes!

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