Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your conference, a breakout speaker for your convention, or an expert for your in-house training, Sue will engage, educate, and inspire your audience.

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Sue Jacques helps audience members gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism.

Sue Jacques has been speaking professionally for more than 18 years, and she knows exactly how to engage, educate, and inspire an audience. Her refreshingly honest and open-minded approach to professionalism and civility, combined with her extensive experience as a former forensic death investigator, make her a sought after and inspiring keynote speaker.

Sue is known for her upbeat and inspiring talks about professionalism, civility, kindness, and social graces. Her speaking topics range from the life lessons she learned during her career as a death investigator to executive etiquette strategies and the value professionalism brings to the workplace…and to the bottom line.

Below are Sue’s most requested keynotes

Life Lessons from a Death Investigator

Nothing is off limits in this frank and inspirational keynote. Through Sue’s Life Lessons from a Death Investigator, audience members will be moved to take personal responsibility for the degree of kindness and respect in their lives…before it’s too late.


Are you at your wit’s end with the level of unprofessionalism where you work? Have you had it with negativity, animosity, and gossip in your life? Participants will learn 8 straightforward and practical personal and business strategies in this educational and energizing keynote.


Social events can be challenging. If you want to make lasting positive impressions and have memorable conversations, this program is for you. In this keynote or breakout session, Sue shares practical strategies that help people socialize and network with confidence and poise.

What The

Having confidence at the dining room table is as important as having confidence at the boardroom table. This experiential keynote helps attendees learn useful and valuable dining and social tips. From the RSVP to the dress code and thank you note, every detail is covered.

“Sue is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever seen.”

~ G. Cuenco

Sue Jacques will inspire a shift in your perspective.


How To Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

It’s not every day that you’ll have the opportunity to hear a veteran death investigator share the valuable lessons she’s learned about life. And it’s even more rare to be able to take such truly unique lessons and immediately apply them to your own circumstances.

Sue Jacques spent nearly two decades performing the forensic medical investigation of thousands of unexpected, unnatural, and violent deaths during her extensive career at the medical examiner’s office. From murders to motor vehicle accidents, drugs to decapitation, and suicides to sexual asphyxia, Sue has seen too many examples of people paying the ultimate price for incivility, insecurity, and indecision: death. She is now on a mission to reverse rudeness, revive respect, and create more courteous, confident, and compassionate communities and corporate cultures.

Nothing is off limits in this frank and inspirational keynote, and audience members will be moved to take personal responsibility for enhancing the degree of kindness, empathy, professionalism, and respect in their lives … before it’s too late. In addition to discussing her journey from corpses to carpe diem, Sue will touch on several topics.

This keynote covers:
  • • The significance of genuine gratitude
  • • The unintended repercussions of disrespect
  • • How to discover your purpose(s) in life
  • • What your biggest assets are
  • • Simple ways to extend compassion
  • • How to avoid regrets by making clear choices

“Just, wow. This woman is a force. In just 10 minutes she completely shifted my perspective about life, awareness, kindness and what is possible. My friends and I still refer to her speech. Her message is unforgettable.”

~ R. Bryan


How to Revive Respect and Resuscitate Professionalism at Work

Are you at your wit's end?

Habitual lateness. Rude language. Electronic intrusions. Sloppy appearance. Work jerks. These things affect your bottom line and carry an exorbitant price tag. It’s time to take incivility, unprofessionalism, and disrespect out of the corporate closet and do something about them! Professionalism is making a huge comeback, and individuals and businesses that take action NOW will soar above their competitors. In this energetic and frank presentation Sue Jacques will share observations and ideas that will empower you to show others you mean business!

Do you ever wonder what to do, say or wear at work?

Professionalism goes so much deeper than the work we produce or the image we portray; it’s also about our attitude, our ability to communicate effectively, and our level of confidence. Every time someone meets you, interacts with you electronically, connects with you in cyberspace, or speaks with you on the phone, it’s important that they experience your professional, positive attitude and sense your self-assurance. And it’s equally vital that they have confidence in your understanding of the principles and policies of the brand you are expected to represent.

It's time to kick some crass!

Even the most experienced professionals find themselves in a quandary from time to time, especially in our current economy. In Civility CPR you will learn practical strategies that will help you distinguish yourself through The 6 Ps: Punctuality, Presence, Pride, Poise, Personality, and Professionalism. From congeniality and clothing to communication and courtesy, you’ll understand how to develop an authentic and strong presence that helps build a cohesive team and is in balance with the corporate brand you symbolize.

Sue will teach you and your team how to prosper through professionalism.


How To Socialize with Confidence and Poise

Does networking make you nervous?

Social events are challenging for many people, especially in business. Entering a room full of strangers can be stressful and awkward, yet your success can depend on your ability to meet new people, have interesting conversations, and develop lasting and valuable professional relationships.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or attending as an invited guest, it’s imperative to know how to navigate any room with ease. In this seminar Sue Jacques will share practical strategies that will help you distinguish yourself through your poise, personality, and professionalism … at any event!

Topics to be covered include:
  • • The 6 W’s of an effective invitation
  • • What to do when you forget someone’s name
  • • Effective ways to follow up with contacts
  • • How to shake hands when you’re holding a plate and a glass
  • • Why you must always RSVP
  • • How to be an outstanding corporate host
  • • Protocols for making proper introductions
  • • Why thank you notes are as crucial as business cards
  • • How to turn “nonversations” into conversations
  • • The I WONDER networking strategy
  • • Why nametags are essential
  • • How to get out of a conversation cul-de-sac
  • • How to be the best guest in the room

“Sue is an amazing presenter! I will forever remember these little secrets that no one else would have told me.”

~ E. Wilson


How Dine with Savvy and Grace

Do formal dinners make you fret?

Having confidence at the dining room table is as important as having confidence at the boardroom table. How you behave during a business meal matters! This unique experiential tutorial, which is presented during a delicious multi-course dinner, will satiate your curiosities about which bread plate to use, what to do with your napkin, who orders first, and what the fork to do with all that silverware!

Sue Jacques is an executive dining expert who will teach you the nuances of formal dining, so you can focus on the business at hand instead of worrying about what to do with the utensils in your hands!

You will learn:
  • • How to prepare for business meals
  • • The different styles of dining
  • • How to demystify dress codes
  • • The silent language of silverware
  • • Ways to deal with awkward dining situations
  • • How to interpret a place setting
  • • Tips for observing cues from the host
  • • Whether to order / offer alcohol at a business meal
  • • Who pays and how much to tip
  • • How to be the most gracious guest at the table

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Sue Jacques is a professionalism and civility expert, keynote speaker, author, and former death investigator who helps individuals & businesses gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism.

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P.S. Sue's surname is pronounced JAKES - rhymes with cakes!

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