Personalized Consulting for Individuals and Executive Teams

Sue Jacques offers personalized consulting to select individuals and executive teams that are committed to dig deep, work hard, and make the kind of long-lasting changes that will lead to increased personal, professional, and corporate success. Sue will work with you and your team to prioritize your biggest challenges, develop your guiding principles, and create and execute a customized plan. From startups and entrepreneurs to established companies, medical practices, and law firms, Sue will help you gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism.


Bring Your Genuine Self to Life

Through her unique “inside-out” confidence and professionalism coaching services, Sue Jacques will help you unveil your best self and bring it to life. Whether you want to enhance your level of professionalism, get along better with colleagues, climb the corporate ladder, communicate more clearly, socialize with ease, update your image, or learn about formal dining, Sue will personalize a program just for you.


Explore Strategies that will Lead to Consistent Representation of Your Brand

Sue works with executive, administrative, legal, and medical teams that want to up their game, clarify their guiding principles, and explore strategies that will lead to consistent representation of their brand—within every level of the organization. If you want to increase the level of professionalism in your business, medical practice, startup, or law firm, contact Sue directly to learn more about this service.

“Sue Jacques is a personal and professional joy. You can trust her to scale your influence, impact … and income. Her brilliantly quick mind, focused attention, and grasp of what will position you for maximum success are rare qualities that will accelerate the achievement of your goals.”
~Sam Horn, The Intrigue Expert and author of POP! and The Eyebrow Test


Craft and Deliver Your Brand Messaging with Personality, Eloquence, Poise, Clarity, and Purpose

Do you struggle with sharing your ideas in a clear and compelling way? Is it challenging for you to describe what you do, what you need, or what you’re passionate about so others will understand and want to support you? Whether you’re preparing for the stage, the page, the sound booth, or the camera, Sue will help you clarify your key points and present them with confidence, uniqueness, and the attention to detail that will get you noticed. As a full-time professional speaker, writer, and confidence coach with over 18 years of experience, Sue has the expertise to help you craft and deliver your messages with personality, eloquence, poise, clarity, and purpose. If you’re about to speak in public, on air, with a journalist, or in front of a group of colleagues, clients, students, or venture capitalists, Sue will work with you to make every word count.



Sue Jacques is a professionalism and civility expert, keynote speaker, author, and former death investigator who helps individuals & businesses gain confidence, earn respect, and prosper through professionalism.

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P.S. Sue's surname is pronounced JAKES - rhymes with cakes!

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